Corporate Profile

Company Background

Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is the India’s first true multinational and unique integrated company founded in Jan 2016 with an aim to provide complete crop solutions to the customers. It has a unique business model the first of its kind in the Indian AgChem Industry. The company has an objective to build a strong business base with quality products, broad PAN India presence and effective market access. The company aims to develop, market and sell all major classes of Crop Protection chemicals -insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, Water soluble fertilizers and Plant Nutrition products such as Growth Regulators, Biologicals, Micro-nutrients, etc. and Specialty Products catering to household for grain storage and roach control. In addition, the company is planning to service customers with unique solution for treating vegetable and fruit seeds through their “Seed Treatment range of products”. This is a “one-stop shop” for products used in agriculture for crop protection and crop nutrition to enhance crop yield and quality by controlling a broad spectrum of insects, weeds and diseases as also servicing household for grain storage and roach control through their specialty range of products. The company’s objective is to help customers grow food safely !

With powerful brands, extensive distribution network, expertise in local markets, crop / non-crop segments, successful strategic alliances, Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is aiming to be one of the leading companies in the Agrochemical Industry in India.

Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited began its journey in the Indian AgChem Industry by bringing together two pioneers AstraChem (Saudi Arabia) and Hindustan Rasayan Private Limited (India) in the AgChem Industry on a common platform.

Introduction of our Stakeholders

Established in 1988 and led to the foundation of ASTRACHEM manufacturing facility in 1995 as a natural expansion of an integrated company engaged in development, testing, registration, marketing, sale and distribution of high quality Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, Seeds, Veterinary Pesticides, Public Health Pesticides and other Agricultural input related products. Together represent considerable experiences and success which started in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1988 and transferred later to branches and subsidiaries in Turkey, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia Countries.

ASTRACHEM is a member of ASTRA Industrial Group (AIG) listed in Saudi stock market share which is one of the leading industrial conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AIG companies are concentrated in the key industrial segments of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, power and steel and mining.

ASTRACHEM, headquartered in Dammam 2nd Industrial City with two production sites in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is comprised of a well-established local and regional network of sales and distribution centers, as well as field demonstration and testing sites. The company represents, and distributes as well products of many multinational companies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia region. It is ranked among top leading companies in the market with over 200 registered brands with a far reaching distribution network that covers around 30 countries.

Acquired ASTRANOVA in Turkey and expanded its manufacturing facilities. In addition to its existing manufacturing facilities in KSA, successfully commissioned granular fertilizers production facility and new liquid line.

The Company applies international criteria, as stated by the US Environment Protection Agency (US EPA). Astrachem is committed to adhere to internationally-accredited quality standards such as standards of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council (CIPAC) and International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Vision & Mission


  • Helping Customers Grow Food Safely
  • Provide Innovative Solutions for Crop Protection and Crop Nutrition
  • Build Sustainable Business
  • Recognise, Respect and honestly discharge our responsibilities to our customers, our people and the society at large


Our Directors Profile

Yehia El Azab

Yehia EI Azab known for his great temperament – currently assuming the role of CEO in Astrachem with a vision tocross the $ 450 Million mark within the next few years.prior to joining AIG(Astrachem), served in the position of General Manager & Sales Director Middle East in SQM,YARA,AKZO NOBEL for a period of more than 7 year leadingThe ME & Africa operations by planning and running an annual budget of over $ 60 Million. Experienced trilling executive with over 18 years hands-on management experience in general management,joint ventures, mergers and acquisition of million dollars, sales and marketing, supply chain, production and manufacturing lines. Extensive experience in market and business development in multiple jurisdictions; managing and motivating business sales teams across different cultures; and monitoring and controlling production and sales effectiveness; significant involvement with Middle East, Affrica and GCC markets as well as markets across Canada, USA and Europe.

Vinay Pal Jain

From being an Ordinary gentleman to an extarodinary veteran in the Indian AgChem industry to a diversifled industrialist in to becoming a unique businessmen venturing IT/BT services, destiny has led Mr. vinay pal jain many successful paths under his fold. Currently serving as Chairman of Hindustan Rasayan Private Limited a totally transformed organisation with its presence in crop protection and nutritional chemicals ,BPO , Spinning mils, Mr. vinay pal jain has been a career-driven, details oriented and a dynamic professional who has varied and rich experience in leadership roles in large firms ever since his beginning of carrier in 1974. His specialities include Strategy, product, revenue, brand building, extending quality services to end users “farmer community” in particular through sourcing inputs only from Fortune 500 Companies with similar belief on providing quality services. He ha been actively providing opportunities to youngsters aspiring for a growing career and continues to spend his spare time in serving labour community by providing free education.

Executive Committee

    Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited Executive Committee consists of Five Members representing various functions.  The Executive Committee is responsible for :
  • Growth and profitability of the organization
  • Long Range Plan
  • Nurturing Talent and Retention of Key Employees
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Conducting Business in highly ethical manner


Panel of Members :


Emad Alaiaseh

Global Marketing Manager
Astra Industrial Complex Co.Ltd.

Narmada J

Head-Supply Chain & Corporate Affairs
Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited