Imidachloprid 17.8SL

Imidachloprid belongs to a new generation group of Insecticides Neo-nicotinoid, having both systemic and contact mode of action.

It has quick knock down effect and low toxicity towards mammals and pets

Crops and their pest management

Crops Insect pest Dosage/Acre
Cotton Aphid, Thrips, jassid & Whitefly 50-100ml/Acre
Citrus Psylla,Leaf miner 50-100ml/Acre
Okra Aphid,Jassid & Thrips 50-100ml/Acre
Chilli Aphid,Jassid & Thrips 50-100ml/Acre
Paddy Brown Plant Hopper, Green Leaf Hopper 50-100ml/Acre
Mango Mango leaf hopper 50-100ml
Sugarcane Termite 150 ml
Groundnut Aphid, Jassid 50-100ml

Pack Size – 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lt