Astragard is a unique Bio Insectide produced by Metabolite Extract Microbial Technology (MEMT)

In MEMT metabolites are extracted from live microbes through fermentation and extraction process. The metabolites are non-living and highly potent to control various insects and pathogens. Depending upon the metabolites, mode of action can be stomach ingestion, nervous system break-down, cell wall adapters and chitin inhibiters.

Tamron’s Biocides deliver valuable crop protection and help farmers to produce high quality crops. Our zero-residue Biocides enable farmers to access higher-value markets by meeting stringent requirements on pesticide residue levels.

Advantages of MEMT

  • The products formulated using this unique technology are
    • pure “Biologicals” and does not contain any chemicals.
    • Does not contain any living organism thereby having a long shelf-life
    • mixture of metabolites to control insects and pathogens by all available mode of actions thereby giving high percentage of longer and residual control.
    • Very safe and eco-friendly and does not require to follow PHI (Pre-harvesting Interval)
    • Zero Residues
    • Cost effective treatment

Product Features

It works on contact and provides long-term protection

It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, zero-residue and cost effective

It can be used with other fungicides, insecticides, manures, fertilizers and bio agents.

It often effective in very small quantities and often decompose quickly, resulting in lower exposure and largely avoiding pollution problem.

Mode of action – The extracts derived from Streptomycesrochei and Streptomycesalbusmicrobes degrade the cell wall containing chitin, thus altering the ion of permeability of cell membrane and killing the insects, working as stomach poison as well.

Application – Foliar spray, Seed soak, Seedling root dip and Soil drench.


Dosage – 3-5 ml/litre of water

Target crops – Plantation crops, Horticulture crops, Pulses, oil seeds and Field crops.

Astragard works effective against White flies, Aphids, Jassids, Fruit borer, Stem borer, Heliothis, Thrips, Army worm and other insects.

Effective against all 1st and 2nd larval instars of lepidopteran pests.