Astragro Gr

Astragro GR


Astragro GR is a natural organic product in granule form, based on Seaweed extract & Amino acid, which is used to increase the yield and qualitative produce of Cereal crops, Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables. It is compatible with Fertilizers and Pesticides. Astragro is non-toxic and very safe to use.


  • Increase overall growth of the plant by enhancing plant root uptake of soil minerals and organic matters.
  • Application of Astragro granule increases the activity of soil micro-organisms, which breaks down complex plant nutrient in to simpler form that are taken up by the plants.
  • Astragro enhances soil phosphate availability
  • Astragro stabilizes the soil structure by forming micro-aggregates
  • Increases root penetration, water penetration and retention, aeration and internal drainage
  • Accelerate germination rates and enhances seedling emergence and uniformity.
  • Enhances plant foliar nutrient absorption and translocation.
  • Helps in better flowering and fruit setting.


Method of Application – Soil application

Dosage –   5-7Kg/acre

Target crops – Paddy, Cotton, Soybean, Pulses, Sugarcane, Onion, Garlic, Groundnut, Potato, Chilli, Vegetables and Fruits.