(Amino acids + Peptides 55%)

Astramax is unique product containing Amino acids and Peptides derived from natural resources.

Astramax is a plant bio-stimulant which acts on enzymatic systems in plant which helps in improving use of macro and micro elements that are essential for the plant growth.   Due to improved use of nutrients there is a tremendous boost in quality and quantity of the produce.  Apart from being a bio-stimulant Astramax also acts as an anti-stress agent which helps in good plant establishment during stress conditions.

Astramax, as a foliar spray has proved to be effective on a spectrum of field crops, vegetables, ornamental plantations and fruit crops.  Prompt absorption in plants and its efficiency at lower dosages are its other merits.

Method of Application – Foliar application

Dosage –   200- 250 ml/acre

Target Crops – Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers