Astratop is a unique Biotech Product of Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited produced by using MEMT Bioextract.

In MEMT technology the metabolites are extracted through microbes which are very potent and metabolites are mixed together to create a unique product which acts on different body parts of insects and Pathogens.

 MEMT technology does not consist of Living organisms which gives the product a longer shelf life.

Astratop is a mixture of enzymes that kills the fungus and mildew immediately on contact. Easy to use and it makes for an ideal solution for low-scale, high-yield farming.        


10 gm per litre of water and stir well till it dissolves.


Astratop destroys fungi including powdery mildew and cercospora.


Dissolvable powder form with


Astratop dissolves immediately in water, hence it is easy to use it in variable saturation as needed

  • It is equally effective even in low dosage
  • It doesn’t cause scorching or leaf damage
  • It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, zero-residue and economical
  • It can be used with other fungicides, insecticides, manures, fertilizers and bioagents.  


All agricultural, floricultural and horticultural crops and plantations, potted plants, grass lawns