Why Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited ?

Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is the India’s first true multinational and unique integrated company with an aim to provide complete crop solutions to the customers.
Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited provides opportunity for people aspiring for exponential growth in their career.  The organization is run with high level of ethics both internally and externally with customers, partners, vendors or any other who intend to deal or associated with Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited.


Sunil Kohli
CEO & Managing Director

I am Privileged to be founding member of yet another MNC in Indian Space.
Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is a True Multinational Company Providing complete solutions to customers in the Field of agriculture and urban Pest Control.We are poised to grow in leaps and bounds in coming few years.Come and join Us , if you are hungry for Growth.

Career Opportunities

Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is a fast growing multinational in the field of Crop Protection Chemicals, Biologicals, Crop Protection Nutrition – Chemicals, Biologicals, PGRs, Water Soluble and Micro-nutrients, Urban Specialty Business and Vegetable Seeds.   The employees working for Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited gets liberty to express their ideas, suggestions and excel not only in their key role for which they have been hired for but also in the other functions.


Narmada J
Head-Supply Chain & Corporate Affairs

As we plan our career path, at some stage we think beyond job titles and consider activities that can make our work life not only more lucrative, but also more enjoyable, as well. Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited gave me an opportunity to move upward and has created a platform to improve my skills and adding new experiences as part of my career aspirations

Compensation & Benefits

Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited provides most competitive compensation package in the Indian Ag Chem Industry.  The compensation is not a barrier for the right candidature.
Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited is highly performance driven organization and the incentives and reward programs are one of the best in the industry.


Theertha Rao N
Chief Financial Officer

As part of the competitive employee compensation strategy, every organization should consider a mix of compensation methods that include salary, benefits, incentives and non-cash compensation focusing on employee’s lifestyle and values. At Tamron Astra Bio-Chemicals Private Limited there is a healthy mix of all these components which attract any prospective candidate to join hands with the organization.