Norus (20:20:20 +TE)

Norus is a well-known brand of ASTRACHEM NPK’s that has been subject to many years of R&D intensive work to reach the perfect formulas that assure the highest efficiency in absorbing nutrients by the plant and in the same time with quick results.

Norus is a 100% Water Soluble fertiliser containing NPK along with permitted trace elements which can be delivered to plants through micro -irrigation systems viz. Drip, sprinkler and through foliar spray. These fertilisers are chemically refined, free flowing, easy to apply by foliar application at a desired concentration.

Product Features

  • Completely soluble in irrigation water.
  • Regular flow of both water and nutrients.
  • Can be directly applied to the root zone.
  • Save in nutrients by 35-40%
  • Free from Chlorine and Sodium
  • Acidic in nature, no blocking of drip system
  • Free from harmful salts.
  • Versatile utility for fertigation, foliar and side dressing.
  • Ensure balanced nutrition.
  • Improves yield and quality of crop.

Pack Sizes – 1kg, 10kg, 25kg