TAMBRO is a blend of chelated Calcium and Boron complexed with organic acids designed to provide these nutrients to the plants. Boron is involved along with Calcium (Ca) in cell wall structure. It has synergistic effect in the movement of Ca into the plant, in normal Ca nutrition and in cell wall development.


  • B improves mobility of Ca in the soil.
  • B along with Ca maintains structural integrity of cell membrane
  • B & Ca are involved in nucleic acid metabolism

“Calcium is the truck, but Boron is the driver”. This refers to the concept that Ca is the transporter of nutrients into and out of the cells, but it can’t do its work unless Boron is present.

  • Please don’t mix with the fertilizer containing Phosphate.

Dosage –

Fertigation –  3-5 Kg/acre

Foliar spray – 400-500ml/acre

Target crops –

Apple, Sugarcane, Beans, Celery, Lettuce, Leafy vegetables, Strawberries, Flowers and Ornamentals.