TAMRHIZA is a Mycorrhizae product containing humic acids, VAM, Kelp, Vitamins and amino acids.


  • Helps in root development provide better absorbance of nutrients from soil.
  • Enhanced soil structure
  • Enhanced plant strength the vigor
  • Access Phosphorus beyond the root depletion zone.
  • Increase the plant growth by increasing Bio-mass.
  • Adaption of plant to adverse environmental conditions (Drought, Salt, Heavy metals etc.)
  • Plant enriched with TAMRHIZA can survive better in their non-native environments.
  • Stimulates Photosynthesis
  • Higher yield with superior quality.

Advantages of TAMRHIZA over other competitive products

  • Low dosage of 3kg/acre, 10-15 days after seed sowing.
  • Cost effective
  • Have viable propagules more than FCO requirements
  • No Third party dependence because of in house technical support.

TAMRHIZA is available in following 3 forms: –

  • Granular form – Mode of application – Broadcasting as a basal
  • Powder form – Mode of application – Foliar, Drenching & Drip
  • Liquid form – Mode of application – Foliar application

Dosage – 3kg/acre

Target crops – Cotton, Paddy, Turmeric, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Soybean, Wheat, Potato, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruit crops, & Horticultural crops